Captain America Ice Cream Sandwiches, Yummy !

captain america ice cream sandwiches
Today we're going to be doing something. We are going to be making Captain America Ice Cream Sandwiches! You guys were suggesting something Avengers, and I just saw the new Captain America Movie and I loved it so I thought this would be a perfect fit.. And, last time I made ice cream sandwiches I had a little bit of difficulty working with the ice cream- BUT! I have since developed a new technique so let's get started! I'm going to be using the same cookie recipe as the Pokemon Cookies so the things you will.

 need will be: 2 and 1/2 Cups of flour, 1

and 1/4 Cup of powdered sugar, 1/4

of a Cup and 2 tablespoons of regular sugar,

I know, it's weird.

1/4 a teaspoon of baking soda,  1/4

a teaspoon of salt, 3/4 teaspoon of

vanilla extract, 2 sh-ticks of butter which

is 1 Cup of butter, and 1 egg.

You'll also need two food-coloring dyes.

We've got Super Red" and "Royal Blue" for"

our Captain America colors. Vanilla ice cream

and a circle cookie-cutter.

I've got these- they are 3 inches by 2 inches

tall and then a little star.

Let's put it all together!

The first thing that you're going to do is to take a baking pan and you're going to take a piece of wax paper or parchment paper, whatever you want to use and I've cut it to fit in the pan. You're just going to lay it down- and this" is the new" technique that I'm going to try  

"It worked way better than last time! So you're going to take your vanilla ice cream and you're going to scoop the ice cream into the pan and pack it down to lay it flat and then put it in the freezer. Once you've got all of the ice cream in there and you've smoothed it out, you're just going to put this in the freezer and we're going to make our cookies! To make our cookies, you're going to need 2 mixing bowls. 1 for our wet ingredients and 1 for our dry ingredients. In the little bowl we're going to put in our dry ingredients. We are going to put in flour, baking soda, and salt and then you're going to whisk them together! This is a very large whisk! Ha, ha, ha! Oh my goodness! Why do I own this? Now you're going to put this aside and we're going to make our wet ingredients. You're going to take your two sticks of butter and they should be very soft, you want them to be room temperature. 

Put 'em in the bowl and you're going to take your powdered sugar and add your regular sugar. Then you're going to mix together for a few minutes until everything is smooooth and then we're going to add the egg and vanilla extract and then you're going to mix again until everything is combined. Once you've got the wet ingredients all mixed together, now you're going to gradually add the flour and keep mixing 'til everything is dough'y! Dough'y""'s a word!"" (Smaller bowl clangs against the larger bowl) Once you've got your cookie dough all mixed together, we are going to divide it into three bowls. We're going to put a smaller amount in the bowl we are going to dye blue. A medium amount which will stay white, or just stay regular"" cookie dough and then"" a larger amount in the bowl we're gonna dye red. I'm just going to add a few drops of red to this cookie dough and mix it around and then" a few drops of Royal Blue" to this little  "Now we've got our cookie dough dyed red, white and blue and now we are going to stick them in the fridge to let them chill and to do that you're just going to take a piece of Saran Wrap and we're gonna wrap up our cookie dough before we put it in the fridge. So you're just going to pick up your cookie dough like this- Ba-daaa! Put it right in the middle and then you're gonna wrap it up tight so it doesn't dry out. De-dee-de-dee-dee-de-dee-de-deee! While the cookie dough is chilling, I'm going to be doing a decoration thing that is optional. 

You don't have to do it! So what we're going to take is a little bit of white dough and I'm going to sprinkle a little bit of flour, put it on the table and I'm going to be making little stars. These are little decoration details that are going to go on top of the cookie. If you don't want to do this, you can use frosting to frost on a star afterwards, whatever you want to do! This is totally optional, and cut out little stars. Now we're gonna take our little star cookies and put them in the oven. I'm setting the oven at 350 and I'm baking them for 3 minutes, but keep your eye on them because these little guys bake so quickly and you don't wanna burn 'em! These are gonna go on top of our cookie. Nee! Once your cookie dough has chilled, what you're gonna do is start with blue and red. I've rolled out the blue cookie dough to look like a little round log. 

Perfect! That's what we want, we just set 'em aside and now we're gonna roll out our red cookie dough. So you're gonna take a smaller chunk of the red cookie dough- leave the bigger chunk over here. Once you've got your red cookie dough rolled out, you're gonna take your blue cookie dough and we're just gonna paint a little bit of egg-wash all the way around it. Egg-wash is egg-white and a little bit of water. This will help the dough stick together in the freezer. Now you're just gonna take this cookie dough, put it right at the top of the red and this is a neat trick! You're gonna lift up your piece of wax paper. This will help you roll 'em together...and just keep lifting up and rolling. After you've got it rolled, you're just gonna cut off the excess. Now you're just gonna do the same thing with the white cookie dough! Once you've got your cookie doughs all layered- It kinda looks like a big cookie burrito!- we're gonna roll it in wax paper and put it in the fridge and let it chill for an hour.

I just took the cookie-burrito" out of the  "see what it would look like. On this end, this is the burrito end"" and"" it's okay if it looks messy because the ends don't matter, it's okay! So when you cut it in half, that will be the shape! Isn't that perfect? It looks just like Captain America's Shield! That's what we want. So to get your cookies, you just take a big cutting-knife on a cutting-board here...and- I'm doing about a fourth of an inch- and you're just gonna cut straight down.... Boop! And look at that! Now that we've got our Captain America Cookies, you are going to set your oven to 375 and bake these from 7 to 9 minutes, just keep your eye on 'em! While the cookies are baking, you're gonna take out your ice cream tray and the round cookie-cutter and we're going to cut out the middle part of our ice cream sandwiches." So this is the new" technique- I'm still  "But what you do is you put the cookie-cutter right into the tray and to give it a good push I'm gonna put on my oven-mitt because I don't have a little safety grip at the top...and press down! Oo-ahh! Gotta use all my bodyweight! Ha, ha, ha, ha! And pull 'em outta there! Look at that! Perfect! Once I get my ice cream sandwich-middles all cut out I'm just gonna stick these in the freezer so they keep their shape. Now that our cookies are done baking, we are going to assemble them!" Avengers assemble!"  "to be the tops. I'm gonna take my little star cookies and we're gonna stick them right in the middle and I'm gonna use a little bit of just regular cookie-icing to stick 'em together. Now we're gonna assemble the whole sandwich. 

What you're gonna do is take your bottom cookie- and I've flipped it upside down just like that and then we're gonna take a piece of ice cream and put it on there. You've gotta move fast 'cuz these will melt! Woo! Oooh...cold! Now you're gonna put on the top...and ta-da! And then you're gonna do that to all of your ice cream sandwiches! Ta-daaaaa! Here are The Captain America Ice Cream Sandwiches" with the new" ice cream technique!  "than last time! If you guys have another ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies please let me know! Leave me a comment down there...down below and I'll do my best to make it happen. 

captain america ice cream sandwiches

captain america ice cream sandwiches

captain america ice cream sandwiches

captain america ice cream sandwiches

captain america ice cream sandwiches

captain america ice cream sandwiches

captain america ice cream sandwiches

captain america ice cream sandwiches

captain america ice cream sandwiches