Dream Cake

"Hi there! I'm Karen Grete from Scandinavian Today" "and I'm going to bake a delicious Danish cake." It's called Drømmekage" in "and it comes from a town in Denmark called Brovst and it's a very popular cake at" "the moment in Denmark. In fact, I had a request to make that. So I'm finally" getting around to do it. "And first I'll mix the topping for the cake. I have all the toppings here." "In fact, I have some milk. I have about a quarter cup of milk and I have half cup of" "butter. I'm adding it here to make sure it'll melt because I want the topping to" "be ready by the time I mixed all the other ingredients. So I don't want it to get too" "hot, just make sure that the butter is melted in there." "Okay it's getting there and now I'm adding a cup of brown sugar." "Finally we have one and a quarter cup of coconut, shredded coconut." "So as soon as it's all together, blend it well. Actually, it's just about ready." Shut off the heat here. "Okay so now I can pour it into this pot here and I'll leave it here" "while I'm mixing the rest of the ingredients. So I'll mix the rest of the" "ingredients now. I have three quarter cup of milk, I'm heating it up a little bit." "I have about a quarter cup of butter, so it's on very low heat," "and while this is melting I'm going to mix some of the other ingredients." "Here I have one and a third cup of sugar, and also I have four eggs" and I'm going to blend it. "I'll mix with my hand mixer the sugar and the eggs." And here we have the fourth egg. "So now I want to start the mixer. Now of course you can use a" hand mixer or electric mixer. "And I'm going to add a teaspoon of vanilla to the" egg mixture here. "I'll pour in the melted butter and the milk." Stir it up. "All right. So here we go with the flour I have here. Actually I also have baking" "powder. First I want to add three teaspoons of baking powder to the flour." "And also mix that up a little bit, okay. Now I can pour the flour in." "I'm actually adding two and a quarter cup of flour. Two cups, and here we have a" quarter cup. Stir it all. "And of course this cake is not only delicious - it's why" "it's called a dream cake - it's also easy to make." "Now I'm going to bake it in the oven at 400 degrees" "for about 20 minutes and after the first 20 minutes," "I will take it out of the oven and then I'm going to add the topping," "the coconut topping, and after that I'll put it back in the oven and bake it for" "another five to ten minutes. Okay it's all mixed up. So I lined my pan with parchment" "paper and I put some butter on and now I'm going to pour in the batter." Okay. "So I can stick it in the oven and I'll leave it there for about 20 minutes." "After that, then I take it out and I will keep the temperature in the oven at 400 but after" "I put the topping, I will increase the heat to 425." "So I just took the cake out of the oven and I'm going to add the topping." Spread all over the cake. Most delicious topping. "Of course you want to make sure it's all over, and now the cake goes back in the" "oven for the last 10 minutes. And tonight we have a delicious dessert!" "Of course you can use it in the afternoon with coffee too. Here we have finished" "baking the cake in the oven with the topping for the last 10 minutes," "and I increased the temperature to 425. I just took the dream cake out of the oven." "It's all baked but I have to leave it for a while before I can eat it because it's" "very hot right now so I can't even taste it but I have to wait til tonight and" "hopefully you will also like our dream cake. Please subscribe to our channel." See you another day, bye.