10 Amazing Cake

Measuring Cake/Decorating Cake #1 Finished, Subscribe! Layering the cake in rainbow frosting Making eye holes Putting mask on the cake Another cake finished! New Spherical Cake! Making Hearts! Decorating cake with the hearts and pink frosting on the bottom Pink frosting all around the cake Frosting Finished Rolling out more hearts Two heart antennas on top of the cake Made a ribbon Eyes!! Another cake finished! Be Mine Start of a new cake A layer of sky blue coating on top of cake Molding the cake into a dome shape with the sky blue layer 4 Continents: Europe-Asia, Africa, North America, South America North America Molding North America Putting North America mold onto cake Finished putting all 4 continents onto the cake Making a plane Drawing windows on the plane Another cake finished Start of a new cake Like and Subscribe! Finished the last cake!