Hello everyone! Today I want to make the perfect recipe to the party of sleep over! This beautiful from PBteen by giving me a colorful items, sleeping bags and pillow cases that are similar to pineapple, there is a makeup bag and bathrobes! This bathrobe is hella comfortable to wear! ! ! I got was much wear from (laughs) Since the end of the video there is a Giveaway of this product, but please by all means look to the end of the video! Pineapple calyx you will see! Hash tag of cookies to be applied to the favorite hash tag, Salt caramel of Papichau, I think that I want to make a hella delicious frozen hot chocolate! Henry's dog, which was kept with my friends that Jen's will arrive soon, but I will try to prepare the recipe in front of! So, let's get started! If good, the link of this product is located in the description field! So, let's get started! First bake the cookies hash tag! Flour, mix in a bowl with salt and baking powder. In another bowl, whip the butter and sugar until the cream state. Milk, added with egg and vanilla essence. Divided into two or three times the flour, add. Rounding the dough, divide in half. To wrap, cool 1 hour one in the refrigerator. Put the remaining one to the freezer, use the other day! Flour a little glare on the kitchen table, stretch the dough to a thickness of 0.5 ~ 1cm. Pull out the cookies in a round cutting die of 5cm diameter.

Cooking sheet is arranged in the top plate minus, bake 10 minutes at 176 degrees in the oven. Make the icing. Powdered sugar, put the meringue powder and water in a large bowl, whip with whisk until about write a letter to the surface (about 7 minutes). Divided into bowl, colored in color of your choice. Decoration How to cookies: round cap is put in with the piping bag, squeeze out the icing around the cookies. A small amount of water very small amount of added icing, paint the cookies. Transfer to the network, to securely harden (overnight). Jen's write a hash tag to arrive the surface! In order to make the Papichau of salt caramel, put chocolate chips, dulce de leche, salt and butter in a bowl, then heated for 30 seconds in a microwave oven, melt. Subjected to serial CHEX, mix well. Put in a zip lock bag, add the powdered sugar. Shake the bag until dusting the entire serial surface. Put on the top plate, cool. It is completed the addition of caramel chips and chocolate chip! Jen's and Henry's has made a frozen hot chocolate together when you get! Since beaten, I drink immediately from made by รข¤ Mixed with warm milk chocolate 50g of melted mint taste, melt firm. Ice, put in cold milk and ice cream and a blender, put the switch until smooth. Pour into a glass, over a period of whipped cream, is a complete shake the spray! Thank you for watching!

 It was super fun to shoot! I think that from now on I want to teach about the Giveaway! PBteen has a contest of sleep over, there is a winning chance a commodity that can be used in three and a sleep over friends! Sleep back four, four pillow cases, I will earn comfortable bathrobe four and makeup bag was wearing during the week! Very colorful, good quality! ! Sleeping bag is like a futon that was folded in half! Very fluffy, was made to use the futon (laughs) It was submitted to the contest by all means! ! Until June 6 to 10 days, applicants of the way: and up Selfie with good friends in Instagram, wrote a # PBteenBFFs, why my good friend to write a great transient. There is a chance to win this product all! It's perfect for travel of the summer vacation and school! Sleeping bag it will be very useful! All is not it cute? ? ! ! I am very grateful to PBTeen! All of the products are giving me, thank you very much! Since the information of the contest are subject to all the description field and Instagram @ pankobunny, but please by all means check! I love you! It is Thursday! Bye bye!