How to make emoji cokies

Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! "I got so many requests to make something Emoji themed, so I thought hmmmm,." "The new Emojis are coming out in July so it couldn’t be more perfect timing." "So today, we are gonna be making Emoji Cookies, and I’m gonna show you how to" make a few of my favorite ones. Let’s get started! "The things you will need, will be: Sugar cookie mix, I’m using the instant Betty" "Crocker mix because, it’s yummy! It’s easy! And this recipe calls for 1 sh-tick" "of butter and 1 egg, but you can use whatever sugar cookie recipe is your favorite!" "You’ll also need a big mixing bowl, and I’m using an electric mixer, I like the" "hand mixers when I’m making sugar cookies, a rolling pin, an array of cookie" "cutters, we’ve got 2 hearts, 1 small, 1 larger, a triangle for the poo Emojis," a circle and a square. "You can also see that I have got a ton of rainbow cookie icing, because we’re gonna" decorate a lot! Alright, let’s put it all together! Winky face! "The first thing you’re gonna do is take your big mixing bowl, and pour in your" cookie mix. "Then you’re gonna add your sh-tick of butter, then you’re gonna add your egg." "Then I’m gonna take my hand mixer and I’m gonna mix together for about 2 minutes" on a medium speed. "Once your dough is all mixed together, and you can go like this and it doesn’t" "stick to your hands you’ll know it’s ready. What you’re gonna do is take" "a little bit of flour, sprinkle it down on the table so that your cookies don’t" "stick to the table. Then take your dough, plop it down." "I like to take a little bit more flour, sprinkle it on top, roll it out." "And now we’re gonna cut out all of our Emoji shapes." "So we’re gonna cut out some circles, cut out a square, cut out a heart and" "the triangle, my little favorite, my little poo!" "Now you’re gonna peel off the excess dough around your shapes, and transfer your" cookies onto the baking sheet with a spatula. "To make your little poop Emojis you’re gonna take a little heart, and we’ve" "got our triangle cookie already cut, and you’re gonna use the tip of the heart," "the little edge, and we’re gonna cut 3 nooks, going up." "And then you’re gonna take your fingers, meep-meep-mer-meep!" "And you’re just gonna round the edges, and here you’re just gonna take your" "2 pointer fingers, and pull down just a little bit and tilt to the side." "Once you’ve got your sugar cookies on the sheet, you’re gonna set your oven" "to 350 and you’re gonna bake between 5 to 7 minutes." "But you’re gonna want to keep your eye on these cookies! As soon as the" "sides start to turn golden brown you’ll know they’re ready!" "Once your cookies are done baking, make sure they’ve had plenty of time to cool," "I put them on a drying rack for about a 1/2 hour." "And now they are cooled off and they are ready to decorate!" "We’ve got all of our rainbow cookie icings, and I’m gonna start with yellow!" This big bag of yellow cookie icing. "Alright, what I’m gonna do is on the circle ones, trace all the way around." "This is the easiest way I have found to frost a cookie, you outline it, and" "then you let it set for just a second and then you fill it in." "Once you’ve got the top of your cookie frosted, you’re gonna want to wait about" "10 minutes, just let the icing set before you put a color on top of it." "That way the colors won’t bleed into each other." "Once you’ve got your cookie base coats on, you can decorate them to look like" any Emoji face that you’d like! Like this one… Haaaaaa! Hehehe! Deal with it! EEEEEEEE! "There’s so many options, you can make so many different Emoji faces, so have" "fun with it, whatever ones you like… Make ‘em!" "Now we’re gonna decorate the little poo! He’s so cute! Turned out perfect!" "And now that the brown has set, you’re just gonna take your white cookie icing," "We’re gonna draw on his 2 little eyeballs, then he has a little smile, he’s a" happy little thing! "You’re gonna let the white set for just a couple minutes, then take your black" icing, and make little eyeballs. Ta-da!!! Here are the Emoji sugar cookies that we made! "Thanks you guys for suggesting them, these were so much fun to make and perfect" "timing for the new Emojis! I can’t wait! I’m pretty excited!" "I would suggest these cookies, they’re easy mode, for anyone if you wanted" "to give a gift to a friend or a birthday present, because they’re so cute!" "If you’re like me, sometimes when I’m texting my friends sometimes I use" Emojis more than words! "I’ll be posting lots of pictures of these little cookies on my Facebook," Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. "And if you guys make these, please send me pictures, because I love" "seeing your baking creations, I get a big kick out of them, it just makes my day!" I love to re-blog and re-post. Alright, thanks again you guys! Bye-bye! Nee-neep-new-new-new-neep! Double Rainbow! All the way across the kitchen!