Beth's Coffee Cake Muffin Recipe

- Hey guys, now that the weather is starting to turn cool, I wanted to arm you with a really great muffin recipe that's fantastic with a cup of coffee or tea. Or also makes a great dessert idea when you've having a brunch! They're my chocolate swirl coffee cake muffins! They're really easy to put together and so delicious, too. Let me show you how to make them. In a large mixing bowl you're going to add four eggs, three quarters cup canola oil or vegetable oil, six tablespoons of melted butter. I really love to use the combination of oil and butter. Especially in muffins because the oil will make them really light and give it a great texture, and the butter will give them lots of flavor. So I do like to use both. Three quarters cup of white sugar, and to that you're gonna add half a cup of water. Go ahead and just mix that all up until everything is combined and then you can set that aside. Then in a smaller bowl you're going to add two cups of flour, two and a half teaspoons of baking powder, and a half a teaspoon of salt. You can go ahead and whisk that up until it's combined. Then you are slowly going to add your dry ingredients to your wet ingredients, just in thirds, whisking it up until nice and combined. And then to that you're gonna add half a cup of chopped pecans. Now, I love to add the nuts, especially in the fall, there's something so great about the taste of a pecan in a muffin. But if not a nut person, you could leave them out. But I also find they're reminiscent of, sort of, those traditional coffee cakes. So I think they're a good thing to add. Now we're gonna make the filling for our coffee cakes. So in a small bowl you're gonna add one tablespoon of instant coffee. Now, this is the instant coffee, the kind that you can just add hot water to and make coffee. It's not the coffee grounds. So make sure you get the instant. And then two tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder. And three tablespoons of sugar. I know it sounds like a lot of sugar, but remember, you've got the coffee and the unsweetened cocoa powder. So you do need to sweeten this mixture up. Whisk that up with a fork and then you can set that aside. Then, here comes the crowning glory, the crumb topping. This is what makes these muffins so delicious. So, in a smaller bowl we're going to add two thirds cup of flour, four tablespoons of brown sugar, a quarter teaspoon of ground cinnamon, a quarter teaspoon of baking powder, and four tablespoons of melted butter. You can go ahead and whisk that up with a fork until you get a nice, wet crumb. Then you're gonna take out a muffin tin and spray the whole thing with baking spray. And you do want to, kind of, brush it with a pastry brush, even on the top, because these do get to be sticky and you want to make sure that they will release without a problem. Then, with an ice cream scoop, you're gonna fill it about three quarters of the way full. And then you're gonna take about a teaspoon of the cocoa coffee mixture and put that on top. Then top with some more batter, just until it's at the top of the well. You can do that for all your muffin wells. Then you want to go in with a knife and just do a little gentle swirl on each one. You don't wanna mix it too much, just a gentle swirl will do the trick. And then you want to take about one tablespoon of the crumb topping and put that on top of each muffin. Then we're gonna put this in a 375 degree oven, just for about 16 to 17 minutes. They're done when they start to turn golden brown and have risen up. And then you can take them out of the muffin tins and put them on a cooling rack. And then, just for the pastry, I know this is like sugar overload, but that's why I think these are best served for dessert or like a tea time. I do like to dust each one with a little bit of powdered sugar because they do look really pretty that way. And are just sort of reminiscent of a traditional coffee cake. And then I like to display them on a decorative cake stand just to elevate them. Take them out of that realm of muffin and then turn them into like a mini cake. And then when you cut into them you'll see you have a beautiful textured muffin speckled with delicious pecans, mixed with that cocoa and coffee riveting, and of course, the crumb topping on top. It's really a winner. I hope you guys give this one a try. And let me know what you think. And I will see you back here next week for another delicious recipe. Until then, bye. (upbeat music) Select subtitle language: