How To Make Mini Egg Cake

- Welcome to How To Cake It"" Yolanda I am today and I use Cadbury Mini Eggs for a mega Easter cake that the whole family will love. Cadbury thank you for their support and collaboration in this video and for giving me a ton of Mini Eggs. Cake How To It, Yolanda Gampp A new episode every Tuesday To make this cake in 3 levels, I removed 5 chocolate cakes from their molds, I have trimmed and cut into several layers. Trim the cakes like myself! Explanatory video below! I used a cookie cutter 5 cm in diameter digging a secret cavity in 3 of my cake layers of 12 cm in diameter. Now, with the Mr. Press"" I add simple syrup on all layers and let penetrate. Mr. Press" I can say that?" I call it like that, it's decided. It will be Mr. Press Many" for you." I will color some of my Italian butter cream the same color as 3 Mini Eggs. For recipes of my cakes, simple syrup and Italian butter cream there are just videos here for you to make this cake home. Sorry, they do not give me the recipe for Mini Eggs, I tried to guess during tastings. Mini Eggs are just perfect. Melts in the mouth, check. Incredible colors, check. Chocolate, check. I'll cut some to sprinkle my butter cream in this mega cake. I start my fill and stack layer 23 cm in diameter So I spread my cream to yellow butter I dusted Mini Eggs. In three layers. Need icing spatulas? Click the link below Then I go to my bed 18 cm in diameter topped with butter cream turquoise and some Mini Eggs cut. For the top layer, I trimmed coats with cream to pink butter, and then, I fill the secret cavity Mini Eggs. I'm sure you were not expecting you. I said before it? OK good. Hey, we can not just erase this moment? To surprise them? It is time for the coating * Ting * all these layers. - [Jocelyn] For the love of God, Yolanda, could you turn off your mobile. - I am popular, it has to be this rabbit. for coating one passes and three layers with the rest of the Italian white butter cream. When my coat is cooled, I add an additional frosting and I have to be very careful to carry it out. These cakes will have no basis then my butter cream should be like a canvas ready Mini Eggs. When we try to have a smooth surface a butter cream, a scraper can be useful Link scraper Yolanda below as a turntable lazy Susan"" She is not lazy, I have already said, it's just a name right? If you start to lose patience or if the cream begins to soften, you can put the cake in the refrigerator a few minutes and retry by adding cream layers. I decided to keep my cakes with dowels before decorating Mini Eggs. The pegs can prevent these cakes collapse on themselves. We can not afford it, there is a secret cavity. I could not make my queen too far as I usually do but then I can break me Mini Eggs sorting them by color. Some like yoga. I turn to Jocelyn, Some like to meditate. I turn to Jocelyn, I like sort of Mini Eggs. It's relaxing and delicious. When decorating this cake, you can be very creative and have fun, I decided to have my Mini Eggs in rows of different colors for each layer. You can use them as you want. The cream should not be too cold otherwise the Mini Eggs will not stick. Depending on the reason you choose, place the Mini Eggs can take time. The cakes takes time. The cakes take days. I make cakes for days. Remember. If you are a member of Cake Tee Club This T-shirt is for you. To register for the Cake Tee Club visit Ta-da. - [Jocelyn] What? - OK, I'll do one of my favorite things. I mixed with gold dust with cling alcohol and I made splash all over my Mini Eggs and cake. If you want more mega-cake ideas you can have fun to make at home with family and friends, I still full of great cakes here in this playlist. You know what ? I should splash the list with gold. Too much gold does not exist, you know? Besides, it was so pretty I decided to just put on the face. Hoping seem a little less tired. Thank you so much for watching this video and subscribe to this channel helping me reach 3 million. And thank you so much for Cadbury for their support and collaboration in this video. Cake How To It, Yolanda Gampp A new episode every Tuesday