How To Make Banana Pudding

banana pudding

Today I'm gonna show you how to make banana pudding with homemade whipped cream, so stay tuned and enjoy. Let's get started with a whipped cream that's heavy cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract, I forgot to show that part. And then you're ready to use your hand mixer and you're gonna just keep on mixing until it turns into a thick consistency. It takes about five minutes or so. And that is your whipped cream. You're ready to refrigerate, and now let's work on the banana pudding. You're gonna go ahead and cut up four bananas. (playful music) And in a saucepan, place butter, brown sugar, and some cinnamon. And that's gonna be a caramel sauce, so you're just gonna go ahead and simmer that to a medium until it's completely melted, and then you're ready to add the bananas. And those are caramelized bananas. Oh my goodness, so good. And once you've mixed the mixture on with the bananas you are ready to take it out of the heat. In a medium saucepan, place sugar, flour, eggs, milk, and you're ready to whisk that. And then you're gonna gradually add more eggs, and then whisk, and you're gonna whisk that to like a medium heat and it's gonna thicken after about eight to ten minutes or so.

 And that's it. You're gonna just place your caramelized banana, and then your pudding, and then vanilla wafers next on top. You're just layering all that deliciousness on top of each other. And now you're ready to add more of the pudding, and my favorite part, the bananas. And last but not least, the delightfully delicious whipped cream. And that is your banana pudding. Oh my goodness, this is so good. Enjoy, you guys. Aright, my taste tester's Liam and Daddy. - Is Liam gonna taste test today? - No. (laughter) But he's got a spoon 'cause he eats bananas, but not banana pudding, huh? - I don't even know how to attack this thing. It's so like enormous. - Ooh, maybe add a little bit of that wafer. - Should I, in the bite? - Yeah, the crunch, man, the crunch. - Let me get some of the pudding underneath. - Ooh, so good. I ate mine already, you guys. Ow, that hurt my toe, the spoon. - Oh my gosh. - How does Daddy like it? - I need one more bite. - Ooh. - There's so many things that this-- (laughter) There's so many things that this dish has going for it. The pudding, the homemade whipped cream. - Ooh, the whipped cream. - The bananas, like was it caramelized, or something like that? 

Yes, it was. - With the cookie. - Ooh. - It's so velvety, like it's really, really creamy. It's not too sweet. - Yeah. - And everything comes together to compliment in one bite. It's honestly, I feel like this is something you get at like a fancy restaurant or something. - Thank you. - You know, honestly. - Thank you. - The homemade, I don't usually like custard, because it's really sweet, you know? But this is amazing, honey. - I notice that the pudding itself is not sweet, but the caramelized, ooh, you got a little. (laughter) On his sock. The caramelized part is so good. - This is unbelievable. - Oh my gosh, I ate all of mine and I was like rolling the back of my eyes. I was like, oh my goodness. - She was. - You guys have to try this. - You really do, it's so good. - I say that for all the recipes, but no, this one, you guys, this one for sure. Thank you guys so much for watching. (laughter) And I'm gonna give you a banana soon, okay? And if you guys wanna watch, we do daily vlogs on AprilJustinTV. You guys can subscribe over there. I'll link it below. And we'll see you guys next time. Bye. - Bye.

make banana pudding

make banana pudding

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