Banana Bread Pudding Chocolate Chip !

banana bread pudding chocolate chip !

Banana bread pudding chocolate chip with salted caramel sauce, these are the things that made me excited about cooking and it's very, very simple to make. So I'm going to add some sugar and softened butte to a mixer like this just get that in there and i've got some light brown sugar in here and these are going to give a wonderful toffee flavour to these banana bread puddings. So get that mixer on and you want to cream these until they're nice and smooth. So once that's creamed and become really, really smooth. You just need to scrape that down and then I'm going to add an egg one-at-a-time until it they're completing mixed through It's really important to add it one-at-a-time because otherwise the mixture can split. 

Crack it on flat surface like this and straight in perfect everytime. So mixer down, and get that through. So when that's mixed thouroughly, i'm going to add the second egg and you can add it whilst the mixer is still mixing so flat surface crack that egg in and just mix it so it's thoroughly incorporated. What we need to do now is add in some flour so just take this off And now I've got some self raising flour which I am going to add in here but you can use some plain flour, with a bit of baking powder if you need to and then using a spatula jusr fold it through you don't want to over work this batter, you want to mix it so it's nice and combined The key ingredient to our banana bread puddings are some bananas. Now i've got fairly underipe ones here but if you have those blackened bananas these are perfect for baking Just give them a good mash with the back of a fork like this Now these sorts of flavors, bananas, salted caramel. They're the type of stuff my Dad absoltuely lvoe and he's a bit of a big banoffee pie fan but i thought i'd do something a little bit different and that's how it came up with these banana bread puddings Scoop that up and straight into the bowl In alongside of that we need to add some chocolate chip. 

Now i've got two bars of chocolate, now you could use light chocolate, you could also use white chocolate if you wanted, which would be a bit different but you know what let's go with the dark chocolate for now. So just using a sharp knife just give yourself nice big chunks like that and they're really generous because when these go into the oven what you get left with is these wonderful oozing little melting bits of chocolate ok and then just a nice little chop through all of those and then i'm gonna transfer that into the bowl. Look at that! This is the sort of thing that I am going to dive into! So just mix that through and you'll find the mix becomes a little bit smoother and a lot more easy to handle and now this is ready to go straight into some ramekins which are buttered and you'll need to do is spoon in the mixture. Right, these little babies are going to go into the oven for twenty five minutes at a hundred eighty degrees celsius and that's three twenty degrees fahrenheit Now, if you're looking for the recipe for these beautiful little banana bread puddings there in the box below to check it and and make sure to subscribe to the Food Tube channel.

 There's lots of delicious inspiration so ocne my banana bread puddings are in the oven what I need to do is make that beautiful salted caramel sauce which totally simple to make. So i'm going to add some butter to a saucepan. With some dark brown sugar. Get those both in there and get the heat straight on this and what we're looking for is that butter to melt down and the sugar to be completely dissolved in on top of this we need a few tablespoons of golden syrup, so get that straight in and squeeze it on in there and then just make sure it's evenly mixed through, you don't want it to burn at the bottom Now once this is bubbling up like this, it's become beautiful and glossy and what I'm going to do is add in some cream and some vanilla extract, and of course because salted caramel is so popular these days we're going to add a pinch of sea salt. Now this needs to simmer for another two minutes and then we'll be ready to spoon over our beautiful little banana bread puddings now if you like the look of this recipe, you should check out more of my videos Jamie's.

Food Tube and of course i want to get involved so leave comment below so i can hear what you think and tell me all day that you want to try this recipe, I want to hear from you Oh yes, these are looking good! those beautiful little chocolate chips have become melted and let's serve one of these up Ohh, look at that! And then to finish this off that beautiful salted caramel there you go. The most delicious little chocolate chip banana bread puddings with a salted caramel sauce it does not get better than this. And now, I'm going to dig in. This is what home baking is all about! So delicious and so easy to make at home I want you to try this recipe and i want you to make this, this weekend. So so good the delicious little chocolate chip banana bread pudding. Mmmm!

banana bread pudding chocolate chip

banana bread pudding chocolate chip