Apple And Cinnamon Pancakes: Kate's Kitchen Scoff Scoff

"Hello. I am Kate, welcome back to my series Kate's Kitchen, where I've been cooking up" "some delicious and simple dishes for you all. Today I am going to be cooking apple and cinnamon" "pancakes. [music]" "So I am starting off with my dry ingredients. I have got some plain flour, with a teaspoon" "of baking powder here, and also a teaspoon of cinnamon. If you do not have any plain" "flour, you do not have any baking powder, you can use self-rising. It will still work." "So don't worry. Just going to pop this into the bowl. And then for sweetness, I am going" "to add two tablespoons of caster sugar into there. Give it a good mix." "Then into the middle I am going to crack one egg. And then in here I've got a combination" "of buttermilk and milk. If you do not have buttermilk, or you cannot get a hold of it," "do not worry. Again, you can just use milk, it will work just as well. Just going to go" "in with this, and just start to stir it until it forms a nice thick batter, because we are" "making thick pancakes. So, all the ingredients, the method, and all the measurements can be" found in the description box down below. "Just keep going until everything is fully combined, and you have got a nice batter." "So that is about done. I am going to add some grated apple to this. I have got Royal Gala" "and Granny Smith. So I am going to peel these, and then grate them into it. If you have any" "interesting pancake ideas, or you like some different combinations then let me know. I'm" "always up for a bit of pancake inspiration because they really are the most versatile" "and yummy things you can have. So once you have peeled your apples, you just need to" "grate them straight into the bowl. Stir up, and we are ready to get cooking with them." "So I am just popping some butter into a hot pan, and letting it melt. Then we can add" "our batter to it. So grab a ladle, and we can pop some in. I am just making a few small" "pancakes. If you want to make bigger ones that is absolutely fine. Do not worry about" "getting them to be perfect circles. It is quite hard to when you have got lots of grated" "apple in there. So you just need a couple minutes on both sides. You know when to flip" "them over when they start to bubble. So basically just keep going with it until all your batter" "has been used up. This should make you about ten pancakes." "So there is my last pancake. Where are going to get some icing sugar. Just make them look" "a bit more pretty. You just need a light gentle covering of this. Just dust it on over. Then" "I am going to get my Greek yogurt, and just pop a little bit on the side. However much" "you want, it is completely up to you. Now I have got a few raspberries here. There," "I am going to finish it off with some honey. So there you go, my apple and cinnamon pancakes." "If you want other great brunch ideas, or other pancake ideas, then just hit the subscribe" "button. You will see lots more videos just like this one. So I am off to enjoy these." "I think I might end up eating the whole portion now, because they look pretty good. I hope" "you have a go at trying them as well, and let me know if you do." [music]