Chorizo And New Potato Salad

Welcome back to my Food For All series. My
name is Pippa Kendrick, author of the Intolerant
Gourmet and in this episode I am going to
show you how to make chorizo, new potato,
and watercress salad which just happens to
be gluten free, dairy free, and egg free.
So we have about 500 grams of new potatoes.
Now normally, with new potatoes you steam
or boil, but for this salad I'm going to roast
them. Add some really nice flavor and also
texture to the salad. So all I've done is
chopped them up into bite size pieces. That
is usually in halves or some just keep whole.
And put them into a roasting tray. We are
going to drizzle about two tablespoons of
good quality olive oil over them. Just like
that. And we will give them a mix and then
they will go straight into the oven at 200
degrees for twenty minutes.
So, here we have the chorizo. Now you have
to be slightly careful when you are buying
chorizo to make sure it is gluten and dairy
free. There is a lot of good makes out there.
The golden rule really is that the better
quality chorizo, the less ingredients it has
in it. So you just want it to have pork and
spices and salt. If it contains milk or any
other form of dairy then you do not want to
use it. So we take our chorizo and we are
just going to slice it in half length ways
and cut them into about a centimeter thick
half moons. For a full list of the ingredients
and instructions just check the description
So we finished cutting the chorizo and then
once the new potatoes have started to roast
which is twenty minutes, we will then add
the chorizo in. We then put them back in the
oven again, at 200 for another ten minutes.
The roasted new potatoes and chorizo are out
of the oven. And then you just want to set
them aside for about ten minutes. You want
them to be warm, but not to hot. Because if
you put them onto the watercress hot it will
just wilt. So, we have our bed of watercress
there. Pick out any really thick stems that
you do not want and then just simply scatter
the chorizo and the new potatoes over the
top of the watercress.
For more recipes like this just click the
subscribe button. So there we have all the
potatoes and the chorizo. I have two spring
onions which are just finely sliced on the
diagonal. They add a bit of bite, which is
always good. Scatter those over. Rather than
a dressing you just use the juice of half
a lemon. Because you have so much flavor from
the chorizo and the roasted new potatoes and
the peppery watercress that all you really
want is something to cut through. And that
is where the lemon juice comes in. So just
squeeze that over and that will give you a
really nice, clean, background note.
So here we have it, my chorizo, new potato,
chorizo, and watercress salad. Perfect for
a light lunch. Join me again for another episode
of my Food For All series.