Coconut Rice Pudding

coconut rice pudding

 Today we're going to learn how to make

very simple coconut rice pudding
you know here I've got some boiled rice

take 1 cup of boiled rice, in this add

three fourth cup of freshly grated

coconut and one cup of sugar for

flavoring in this add cardamom powder

you know add little extra no problem, in this add 2 eggs so this should be good

just mix all of this till the sugar and

all them other things have nicely mixed

you know and if you want it even more

sweeter if you want to add more of

sugar you can add but for this much

one cup of sugar is a lot have a look at


this looks like a nice mixture now put

this into a aluminum tin or a mould and

which is been greased

so pour this carefully ready we're going

to put this in the oven and bake at 180

degrees centigrade for around 20 minutes

look at this coconut and rice pudding wow this is nice juicy and just done

you know you can just pour some honey on top if you want that really enhance the rice


but just as is is really good


while you are putting it in the oven you

can sprinkle some sugar on top and that

will give a nice golden color on top

dear friends

I hope you enjoyed today's session of

learning how to make this coconut rice

pudding but do not forget vahrehvah is

all about inspiring others to cook so

please put your recipes and cooking tips

at so others can

benefit from your great cooking

coconut rice pudding

coconut rice pudding